The following is a visual explanation of how Physical Attachments are made

The original artwork is

sculpted in plasticine

Liquid rubber is used

to create a mould

The rubber mould is used to create wax replicas of the original

The new wax pieces are individually touched up and

signed by the artist

The wax figures are now coated in a heat resistant ceramic shell

The shell is heated in a kiln to

melt out the wax

Bronze ingots are melted in a crucible at 2000 degrees

The molten bronze is poured into the empty ceramic shells

The shell is broken away and the bronze forms are revealed

The pieces are sand blasted, until the bronze is shiny gold in colour

The 'patina' is created by applying chemicals to the metal, which has been heated with a blow torch, to create a chemical reaction on the surface of the metal

To complete the process, each piece is hand waxed and polished.